Computer Systems Analyst

Job Duties:
– Receive marketing and other business projects from superior regarding on-line design, development and maintenance of fully interactive, entertainment-oriented web sites.
– Review, edit or write reports assessing and defining business goals for system and programming, including outlining system and programming changes required, feasibility of meeting business goals, resource limitations, time constraints and other factors.
– Suggest changes to business plans to fit project limitations and redefine business goals as required.
– Assign and present projects to lower level graphic designers, and other computer specialists for completion as required and assist in programming and system tasks.
– Set realistic timetables for plans.
– Assist lower-level workers in resolving technical questions regarding projects.
– Review and provide input on detailed flow charts, diagrams and reports drafted by lower-level workers as required.
– Oversee work products and evaluate whether project and business goals are being met.
– Report to superiors on progress of projects. Assist and advise with resource allocation issues.
– Seek ways to enhance efficiency and client satisfaction.

Job Requirements:
Bachelors in Any Degree plus 5 years experience in position with similar duties.